Рассказ о России на английском

Написать рассказ о России на английском порой затруднительно. Но представьте себе ситуацию. Вы приехали в гости за границу или к вам наведались иностранцы и просят рассказать что-нибудь о своей стране: что можно посмотреть, куда поехать, какие-то факты из истории. Чтобы судорожно не вспоминать и не сочинять, мы вам предлагаем готовый топик, выучив который, вы всегда будете во всеоружии.

Вся сложность самостоятельного сочинения — это гора литературы, море информации. С чего начать и чем закончить, какие факты упомянуть? В нашем рассказе вы найдете географию, ландшафт, достопримечательности, основные политические явления. В первом абзаце вы найдете информацию, где описывается история России на английском языке.

I’d like to start my composition with the words that Russia is a really great country. It is proved1 by the history of it,  its power in the modern world. The history of Russia dates back to  the 9-th century when Kiev, Vladimir and Novgorod were united with and formed an ancient Russia. In 988 it became a powerful Christian country. It was ruled by Tsar many years, but in 1917 after the revolution it bacame a communist country. Many countries were united together and it was named the USSR. But in 1991 this great country was broken up. There were a lot of historic events in the past, many wars which had ruined Russia but it was rebuilt again.

Its total area2 is about 17 million square kilometers and it is no doubt that Russia is one of the largest countries in the world. It occupies3 the eastern part of Europe and the northern part of Asia. Can you imagine that it is washed by4 twelve seas and three oceans. Among them are the Pacific Ocean, the Arctic Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean.The Barents Sea,  the White Sea, the Black Sea,  the Okhotsk Sea, the Baltic Sea and others wash the country too. Russia boders onBelarus, Ukraine, the Baltic States in the west, on Mongolia, China in the east, on Norway and Finland in the north-west. It has a sea border6 with the USA.

The full name of the country is the Russian Federation. The capital is Mosсow. This city is densely populated7. More than 10 million people live there.

There are many rivers, lakes in this country. The longest river not only in Russia but in Europe is Volga. The Ob, the Lena and the Yenisei are the longest rivers in Asia. The deepest and purest lake on the earth is  Baikal.

The landscape is varied. There you can find forests, deserts, mountains, valleys.The biggest mountain chains8 are the Caucasus, Urals and the Altai. Russia is so powerful, perhaps, because it is rich in natural resources9. You will find desposits10 of gold and silver, iron and oil, gas and other riches. Most of the county’s natural wealth11  is concentrated in Siberia.

The head of the country is the President. And it can be called a presidedtial republic. It is one of the leading powers in the world. The Duma is the legislative power.

The current population12  of Russia is 145 million people. The major part of them live in the European part of the country. It is highly industrialized13 country with great number of plants and factories. Russia attracts14 tourists. There are a lot of ancient and modern buildings, monuments, colourful landscapes, museums and galleries, parks and streets. Millions of people from all over the world15 visit this country every year.

It is difficult to describe people. They are so different, but most of them are patriotic, hospitable16, like to have fun. They have their own values17, but appreciate18 and keep up traditions and customs of their country.


  1. to be proved — доказывает
  2. total area — общая территория
  3. occupy — занимает
  4. to be washed by — омывается
  5. boder on — граничит с
  6. sea border — водная граница по морю
  7. densely populated — плотно населена
  8. mountain chains — горные цепи
  9. to be rich in natural resources — богата природными ресурсами
  10. desposits — месторождения
  11. natural wealth — природное богатство
  12. the current population — население в настоящий момент
  13. highly industrialized — высоко развита промышленность
  14. attract — привлекать
  15. from all over the world — со всего мира
  16. hospitable — гостеприимные
  17. values — ценности
  18. appreciate — ценить

Знать географию и достопримечательности своей страны должен каждый. Именно так, вы сможете рассказать обо всех достоинствах и недостатках, о том, что вам нравится или нет. Наш топик написан простым языком, который доступен для всех уровней изучения. Приведенный ниже словарь наиболее сложных слов поможет легко понять и запомнить. Ну что, пора учить.

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